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Since I’m lacking in new FOs to show at the moment, here’s an update on some WIPs…

Sock Yarn Blankie in progress:
Yarn mostly leftovers from socks I’ve made for myself, for friends, and for family. Also leftover yarn from my nephew’s sweater (which was made from sock yarn), supplemented with little bits of Koigu given to me by a friend at work. I’m at the point where I really need to make some more socks to get some more sock yarn leftovers. The Koigu is gorgeous, but concentrated all in one area of the blankie it’s not a good thing. I also really need to start weaving in some of those loose ends. When it’s eventually finished (which is still a loooooong way off), the plan is to do a simple crochet edging in a single neutral color around the whole thing. The original tutorial for the blankie is on Shelly Kang’s blog.

Lace & Cable Socks in progress:
Pattern is from Socks from the Toe Up by Wendy D. Johnson. I’m using Jojoland Melody Superwash (100% superwash merino wool) in colorway MS20, which is a blend of burgundy and purplish-blue in varying amounts — in some areas it looks more reddish, some areas more bluish. You can sort of tell in the photo that the two toes look a little different in color.

And this is the yarny goodness, purchased at Patternworks over my lunch break today.
Clockwise from upper left: Jojoland Cashmere, C251 Turquoise; Classic Elite Yarns Firefly, 7739 Cyprus; Koigu Painter’s Palette Premium Merino, 532 greens; Plymouth Sockotta, 5618 blue & green stripes. Yes, I bought everything in twos. And yes, everything is either blue or green… or both. Hey, I’m consistent.

Oh… I guess I do have one FO to show, although it’s not that recent. I finished these socks a little over a month ago, but just got around to taking a photo…

Toe-up Striped Anklets

  • Pattern: My own, I guess… just toe-up, stockinette stitch, short-row heel and some 2×2 ribbing for the cuff.
  • Yarn: ONline Supersocke Cotton Summer Color (leftovers from the fingerless gloves I made for my friend Terri)
  • Needles: US 0 (2.0mm), 40″ circular (magic loop 2 at a time)
  • Started 2/23/10, finished 3/8/10.
  • Link to my Ravelry project page (login required)

They came out a little looser than they should have, but I’m still happy with them. Good, basic socks. Fit is OK when I first put them on, but as the day goes by they tend to stretch out. I’m just thrilled that I could get both a pair of socks and a pair of fingerless gloves out of one ball of yarn… plus I have enough left over for a square in the sock yarn blankie!

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So… that one thing I mentioned at the end of the last post, that I had planned to make for a friend? Done and delivered! If you read any of my posts last summer, you may have seen the Phun Phur Phanatic I made (ph)or my (ph)ormer boss, Chris. (Sorry, couldn’t resist the use of the ph…) At that time, I thought it was the only one I would make. But how could I not make one for dear Ann, my old friend from high school who is one of the most dedicated Phillies Phans I know? I was shooting for delivery in time for the first home game… who’d have ever thought the postal service would be so speedy as to deliver it in time for the first regular season game?! (Mailed Saturday, April 3 — the day before Easter, for crying out loud — and delivered Monday, April 5. Guess the postage increases might be worth it on rare occasions…) Without (ph)urther ado (sorry), here he is!

Phun Phur Phanatic Phor Ann (click to see photo larger)
(photos taken by a coworker who is actually a professional at this sort of thing!)

  • Pattern: Phun Phur Phanatic by Joan De Lurio
  • Needles: U.S. 8 (5mm), mostly used magic loop technique, but used double points for i-cord portions
  • Yarns: Lion Brand Suede & Fun Fur for body, Bernat Satin & Lion Fun Fur for unibrow and tail, Caron Simply Soft (white parts plus small amount of pink around eyes), Bernat Satin Sport (red parts except for legs), Plymouth Encore Worsted (legs) — all of the yarn except for the green fun fur and the Plymouth Encore were left over from the (ph)irst Phanatic
  • Additional finishing stuff: Doll shoes & safety frog eyes ordered from CR’s Crafts; used a piece of scrap wire to put a permanent curl in his tongue (hey, we’re remodeling, so it’s what was handy)
  • Started 3/18/10, finished 3/31/10
  • Link to my Ravelry project page (login required)

One thing that surprised me was that I ran out of red yarn after knitting one leg (all I needed the red yarn for at that point was the two legs). So I bought another ball of red yarn and started over with the legs, abandoning the one finished leg (since the yarns didn’t match exactly). I was so concerned about making sure I had enough of the suede yarn (not to worry, still had a little bit left over) I never expected that I’d run out of the red.

In other knitting news… I’m still working on that blanket for my parents, but I’m seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Gotta get it done fast now, before it gets too warm to have all that wool on my lap.

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