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First up, the Lace & Cable Socks I started back on April 2nd as part of the Socks from the Toe Up KAL on Ravelry. They were the KAL sock for April… which means I was supposed to get them done in April (in order to be eligible to win any of the KAL prizes). Considering I was still working on Mom & Dad’s blanket and also some baby gifts for a friend (see later in this post) at the same I was working on these socks, I really didn’t expect to get them done by the KAL deadline. And even though I wanted to start something new as soon as I finished the baby gifts, I knew I needed to make myself finish the socks first, or else they would probably end up sitting around, neglected and possibly forgotten entirely. So here they are:

Melodic Lace & Cables

  • Pattern: Lace & Cable Socks by Wendy D. Johnson (from Socks from the Toe Up)
  • Yarn: Jojoland Melody Superwash, color # MS20 (a mix of burgundy and purplish-blue)
  • Needles: U.S. 0 (2.0 mm), plus U.S. 1.5 (2.5 mm) used for bind-off only
  • Techniques used: Judy’s Magic Cast-on; worked on magic loop 2 at a time; Russian bind-off (as described in the book, Socks from the Toe Up — I think there are at least a couple slightly different methods out there by the same name)
  • Started 4/2/10, finished 5/27/10
  • Link to my Ravelry project page (login required)

While I’m very happy with the finished socks, I’m mostly happy to be done with them! They weren’t a particularly fun knit for me, mostly because of the amount of concentration required. The pattern consists of a 5-stitch, 4-row cable pattern flanking a 17-stitch, 16-row lace pattern. Just a little bit more than I like to keep track of while knitting a pair of socks. The pattern is beautiful all knitted up, though.

The yarn was interesting… until I got to the heel, it almost looked like I was using two different colors of yarn. It’s a two-tone yarn that gradually shifts from mostly burgundy to a purplish blue, and it turns out I started each toe at different parts in the color gradation. So one quickly shifted into the purplish blue shade while the other remained mostly burgundy through the whole foot. Above the ankles the colors look more alike.

Next up, itty bitty baby knitting! A former coworker of mine is having her first child very shortly (like this coming week)! I’ve known since about December, and after much pondering about what to make, I finally decided on the Sock it to Me Baby! sweater and hat set. And then I just had to make some Stay-on Baby Booties. And I still had plenty of yarn leftover, so I decided to also crank out a pair of baby socks. (Oh yeah, I still have about a half a ball of Sockotta leftover. It’s going in the Sock Yarn Blanket.) These goodies have already been boxed up and mailed out, just in time for baby’s arrival.

Baby Sweater, Hat, Booties and Socks

  • Patterns: Sock it to Me Baby! sweater & hat; Christine’s Stay-on Baby Booties; basic toe-up socks with short-row heel and ribbed fold-down cuff
  • Yarn: Plymouth Sockotta, color #5618
  • Needles: U.S. 1.5 (2.5 mm) and 2.5 (3.0 mm) for sweater and hat; U.S. 1.5 (2.5 mm) for booties and socks
  • Notes: For the sweater, I worked the pieces in a different order. I started with the fronts, working them both at the same time on one long needle, matching the stripes. Then I moved on to the sleeves, working in the same manner. Lastly, I did the back, then sewed together and worked the collar and button bands. For the hat, I worked it in the round, instead of flat as in the pattern directions.
  • Sweater & hat started 4/23/10, finished 5/9/10; booties started 5/10/10, finished 5/14/10; socks started 5/14/10, finished 5/16/10
  • Ravelry project pages (login required): Sweater & Hat; Booties; Socks

Of course, I still have many more projects planned and not as much time as I’d like to work on them. I’ve started the KAL sock for May… just a few days ago. That’s another KAL “deadline” I will miss. I also have plans for this:

Classic Elite Firefly, color #7739 Cyprus
This is going to become the Fringed Scarf from Classic Elite Picnic #9109. And it’s for ME.

And I’m also looking forward to working with this:

Jojoland Cashmere, color #C251, turquoise
(And what it’s going to be is a surprise… to you, that is, not to me. I already know, of course.)

And there’s so much more… but I really gotta get back to my knitting. 🙂

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