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So… last weekend was Stitches East in Hartford, CT. Picked up some great stuff:

  • Large barrel bag from Erin Lane Bags
  • Earrings from Harlan Glass (hanging on bag)
  • Sock Hussy pin from Miss Purl (pinned to bag strap)
  • Yarn, left to right: Skein of bulky orphan yarn from Bashful Bags & Fibers (no label, no info – somewhere around 85-100 yards, and I think there’s some alpaca in it); STR Lightweight in Tina’s Silver Lining; STR Lightweight in Gail’s Autumn Joy
  • In the front: limited-edition violet/black alpaca fiber by Pine Hill Alpaca Farm (purchased at Kanine Knits booth)

I’ve already made use of the orphan skein of yarn:

“Orphan” Musician Beanie

  • Pattern: Starving Musician by Laura Linneman
  • Yarns: Orphan skein of bulky multicolor something-or-other; Classic Elite Renaissance (discontinued yarn) that’s been in my stash since 2008, used doubled, in a light olive green (lost the label)
  • Needles: U.S. 11 (8mm); used U.S. 10.5 (6.5mm) for the decreases since I only have one U.S. 11 16″ circular needle!
  • Started (and finished) 10/26/11 (only took three hours)
  • Link to my Ravelry project page (login required)

Though it only took me three hours to knit, it was also the third time I was knitting something with the orphan yarn in the same week! I started off making a Starving Artist slouchy beret — not enough yarn, and I wasn’t happy with the way I was augmenting with the light olive green. Next, I attempted a Starving Musician beanie using only the orphan yarn — just a bit too short, wouldn’t have been long enough to stay pulled down over my ears. So I started again for the third time and worked in a few stripes in the light olive. Love it! I still think I look better in hats made with less-chunky yarn, but this one is growing on me. How can you not love something that’s done so quickly, anyway?

And it turns out I finished this one just in time for a freakishly early (well, maybe not for NH) October snowstorm.

Let’s just take a closer look at those great earrings (click the photo to enlarge)…

How about a closer look at the Sock Hussy pin? Perfect knitting bag accessory…

Oh… and did you happen to notice that the STR Lightweight in the Tina’s Silver Lining colorway matches the bag??? Seriously, I didn’t plan that. Didn’t even notice until I was taking the photo.

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