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Last weekend was the NH Sheep and Wool Festival. I went with one mission: to try out some spinning wheels and hopefully decide which one I wanted to buy. I wasn’t sure if I would actually buy one while I was there, not knowing for sure if the vendors selling them would actually have any on hand to sell. At one booth, I tried a Lendrum wheel. It was a good wheel and seemed to spin pretty easily. At another booth, I tried an Ashford wheel (the Joy model, I think, which is a compact, portable wheel). That one seemed too small; I kept hunching over. I was thrilled to see at least 5 wheels on display (and ready for trying out) at The Elegant Ewe booth. I tried a Kromski Sonata and immediately loved it. First off, it’s a beautiful piece of craftsmanship. Second, although it’s a portable wheel, it’s not miniature. Still lightweight and easy to set up, take down, and carry around, though.

I immediately bought it! Fortunately, the wheel also came with samples of various types of fiber in assorted colors (4 different ones, 1 oz. each I think), along with a small niddy-noddy. That fiber assortment has come in handy for learning to use the wheel, so I don’t have to dip into my fiber stash. I’ve already finished spinning one of the balls of fiber that came with the wheel. Took me between 5-6 hours to spin the singles.


Here’s a glimpse of the wheel… and the Little Diva on my lap.

My friend and coworker Becky, an experienced spinner, was a big help in shopping for my new wheel and pointed out what to look for. In fact, while I was trying out the Ashford wheel, she asked me how the height of it felt – and until that point I hadn’t realized how hunched over I was!

After buying the wheel and taking it out to my car, I wasn’t as interested in shopping for fiber and yarn as I usually am. I just wanted to get home and spin! Plus, I couldn’t stay at the festival as long as I would have liked, so I wasn’t able to get around to all the booths I usually do. I did buy 4 oz. of beautiful, multicolored silk/merino roving, though!

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