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I hadn’t planned to participate in NaKniSweMo (National Knit a Sweater Month), but I just happened to cast on an adult-sized sweater on November 10th, and figured I would try to finish by the end of the month. At a total of 48,396 stitches, my sweater falls a little short of the NaKniSweMo requirement of 50,000 stitches; however, it’s an adult-sized sweater, and it counts as far as I’m concerned. The sweater is my prize! And I’m especially proud and a little surprised that I finished it in two weeks.

Hiro72dpiMy “FrankenHiro

  • Pattern: Hiro by Julia Farwell-Clay
  • Yarn: Plymouth Yarn Company Galway Worsted, colors 704, 763, 718, 748 (bottom to top in sweater)
  • Needles: U.S. 6 (4.00mm) for sleeve and neck ribbing; U.S. 7 (4.50mm) for body and yoke; U.S. 8 (5.00mm) for sleeves
  • Started: 11/10/13
  • Finished: 11/23/13
  • Notes: This is my “FrankenHiro” because I combined elements of four different sizes. Fourth size for cast-on almost to underarms; second size for sleeves; third size for yoke; and smallest size for length of body from bottom to armholes. I also knit the sleeves 1″ shorter than the length for the smallest size. To transition from fourth to third size before the underarms, I decreased a total of 10 stitches in the span of 17 rows above full bust. I used larger needles for the sleeves since my gauge tends to be tighter when working magic loop, and the sleeves already seemed kind of narrow at the bottom.

After knitting Couronne and now Hiro, I want to knit more colorwork sweaters… which is something I never thought I would say! Still not interested in using more than two colors in a single row, though. My next mission in colorwork is to recreate a “modern retro” version of a sweater I had in tenth grade:


Yearbook photo of me in chorus practice, wearing the aforementioned sweater.

In my updated version, I would move the hearts up onto the yoke. Running them across the bust just would not be a good look for me at my 44-year-old bust size. Until I pulled the photo out today, I had forgotten there were little dots between the hearts. (I believe the technical term is “lice”. Ew.) Definitely want to incorporate those, though, to avoid long floats.

You can probably see in the photo that the original sweater had set-in sleeves; mine will be a seamless round-yoke. I may also incorporate a slightly rolled neckline, cuffs and bottom hem as on Couronne, instead of the traditional ribbing. Due to the smallish size of the hearts, I’ll probably be knitting this one in sport-weight yarn, most likely Classic Elite Liberty Wool Light. There are other sweaters (well, at least one) that I want to knit before taking on the retro heart sweater, so it will probably be a while before I post any more about it.


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And for that matter, where has winter gone?! Hey, it’s SPRING!!!

So, there’s only a week left in National Crochet Month, and I still haven’t started my project. (I decided on the Boteh Scarf, by the way.) I’ll just have to celebrate National Crochet Month well into April. And possibly May. Heck, maybe even until National Crochet Month next year. See, I have this new distraction:

Meet Samantha. But we hardly ever call her that. Mostly, we call her Little D. That’s D, for Diva. Because it’s all about her. After a long weekend visiting family in Pennsylvania, we came home and adopted her at the humane society. There, she was named Thelma. You can plainly see that name just didn’t suit her. (Actually, I wanted to name her Tootsie and the hubby wanted to name her Tarot. Then I jokingly suggested Samantha because she was being a little naughty at the time – she jumps up on the counter and I put her back down she jumps up on the counter and I put her back down she jumps up on the counter and I put her back down she jumps up on the counter… Anyway, I said to my hubby that we should call her Samantha because “naughty girls need love too”. Ha. What can I say, I was a teenager in the 80s.)

She’s drastically different than our dear old departed Squeek, who did not care one iota about yarn unless you were intentionally dangling it in front of his face to get him to play with it. Little D, on the other hand, must investigate the yarn if I’m knitting while she’s sitting on my lap. And she can sit on my lap for a good, long time, which is also drastically different from Squeek. So I haven’t been very productive on the knitting (or crocheting) front. Since my last post, I’ve managed to finish up a shawl, knit a few swatches for work (one more to finish), and start a new pair of socks (which was my travel knitting earlier this month). That may sound productive, but most of it was accomplished prior to adopting the Little Diva. I’m confident that I’ll eventually figure out how to get my knitting time back again.

I have to figure it out. I still have a Kinetik shawl to finish, and an Undulating Leaves Shawl that’s just begging to be knit out of a gorgeously decadent skein of Artyarns Ensemble Light (colorway #123) that was very kindly gifted to me. (Never mind the other three WIPs I have going, and the bathroom rug I still haven’t started yet after nearly two years.)

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So, I just found out today that March is National Crochet Month. It’s not very often I pick up the hook, and when I do, it’s usually because I need more potholders. But I think it’s time I actually make something to wear, that I can finish during this month (which rules out the 40″ x 40″ bathroom rug I need to make, for which I bought yarn two years ago). So here are my two choices:

Option A: Boteh Scarf by Kathy Merrick
This popular, classic pattern has been in my Ravelry queue since November 22, 2009. I have a metric ton of sock yarn in my closet from which to choose, including some very beautiful Mmmmmalabrigo Sock, Cascade Heritage Silk Handpaint, Woolen Rabbit Kashmir, and several other scarf-worthy sock yarns.

Option B: Sweet Eleanor Scarf by Martha Lawton (Quincetart)
I added this one to my queue more recently, October 15, 2011. This one calls for lace 2-ply. I think I have enough Jojoland Cashmere in the stash, a full skein plus the leftovers from another skein I used to make a Brandywine Shawl for my friend Hope (which I just realized I still haven’t blogged about – bad me!).

So, what do you think? Which should I make?

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