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In 2018, I completed:

  • 7 pairs of socks
  • 7 hats (including 1 headband)
  • 4 other accessories (2 cowls, a shawl, a crocheted scarf)
  • 2 sweaters (one of which was cast on over 3 years ago, and one of which I cast on last year)
  • 1 baby blanket

Of the items above, 3 of them were knit for work – for blog posts and/or photo shoots.

In chronological order of completion:

Not pictured above, 1 pair of socks I never took any photos of!

If you want details on any of these, and you’re on Ravelry, check them out in my Ravelry projects.

The Cube Socks were particularly interesting. They’re knit using a new-to-me method of intarsia, and I wrote two posts for the Interweave blog – one for WIP Wednesday and one for FO Friday.

I started the Cabled Turtleneck last year, in November. It then sat in my knitting bag from March until this past November, when I finally pulled it back out, knit the second sleeve, and finished it off. I used Ann Budd’s The Knitter’s Handy Book of Sweater Patterns for the basic set-in sleeve sweater structure, and incorporated Barbara McIntire’s cable pattern from The Great American Aran Afghan booklet.

After finding the Miki hat pattern on Ravelry, I liked it so much I ended up knitting four hats and a headband out of it! I may end up using it for socks at some point as well.

Finally, my Random Stripe Boxy sweater. I started it on May 3, 2015 and finally finished it on December 28, 2018. It was absolutely worth weaving in a ridiculous number of ends created by all of the color changes! I had three semisolid skeins of Caper Sock that I bought to knit a Color Affection Shawl… then later came to the realization that I simply don’t wear shawls. I also had another two skeins of Caper Sock in the Nerrivik colorway that I bought sometime after the other three skeins, but before I accepted the fact that I’m not a shawl person. Fortunately, the Nerrivik colorway coordinated nicely with the semisolid shades, so I combined them for the sweater. I still have enough Nerrivik and Peridot (the lime green colorway) to knit a pair of socks with contrasting toe/heel/cuff or some other two-color accessory.

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Yeah, it’s been quite a while since my last knitting blog post. I’ve been blogging much more about hiking. But I’ve still been knitting! (Just not writing about it.) There are a couple new things I can’t reveal just yet, but here are some highlights of 2016 and early 2017. First, let’s catch up with 2016:

For further details on these projects, see my Ravelry page (login required to see the page, but the specific projects below are set for public viewing).

Next, here’s what I’ve completed so far this year (except for the stuff I can’t share yet):

Further details on these are on my Ravelry page – direct public links to the projects appear below.

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Well, I finished my reworked headband/earwarmer for running, and as Goldilocks said, it’s just right. (And on the second try, not third!) This one is good and snug, even along the bottom across the back, it stays put, and the ponytail hole is the perfect size (though if you have tons and tons of hair, you might need a larger hole).

Here’s the front:


And here’s the back:


OK, maybe it’s on the verge of dorky from this angle… BUT IT WORKS.

  • Pattern: Fitness Headband/Earwarmer with Ponytail Hole (my own! download pattern PDF here, or on Ravelry)
  • Needles: US 1.5 (2.5mm), 40″ circular (used magic loop technique)
  • Yarn: Zitron Trekking Hand Art, 511 Trinidad colorway
  • Notes: 2×2 ribbing, ponytail hole in back, short row shaping to create ear/neck flap
  • Started 10/27/09, finished 10/30/09
  • Link to my Ravelry project page (login required)

Now I just have to make a second pair of fingerless gloves so I have a spare set (and I have just enough yarn left).

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In addition to the fingerless gloves mentioned in the previous post, I now have a handy little headband/earwarmer thingy to wear for running this winter. It’s all fine and usable as it is, but it could use a few tweaks and enhancements. Fortunately, I have just a little more than half of the yarn left over, so I can make an entire second set — and considering I’m wearing the headband and gloves for running, it’s probably a good idea to have a couple sets to alternate.


me just before heading out for my run today in my new knitwear
(pardon the scary-n0-makeup-wide-eyed-bathroom-mirror pic)

  • Headband pattern: my own made-up thing
  • Needles: US 1.5 (2.5mm), 40″ circular (magic loop technique)
  • Yarn: Zitron Trekking Hand Art, 511 Trinidad colorway
  • Notes: 2×2 ribbing with ponytail hole in the back
  • Started 10/24/09, finished 10/26/09
  • Link to my Ravelry project page (login required)

headbandbackAnd here’s a shot of the back — you can pretty easily see one of the things I want to change next time around. The ponytail hole is just a bit too wide and not quite tall enough. Also, it’s a little loose at the bottom (part of that may be because of the bindoff I used, but generally the whole thing could have been made a little smaller). I’m also thinking a little extra coverage over the ears might be good — that will call for a bit of shaping.

Oh, and after wearing the whole ensemble for just one run, I can say that the whole thing works as I intended. Generally, pretty happy with these and I’m looking forward to improving the headband on the next set.

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While out running on an unseasonably cold day recently, I suddenly decided that what I really, really, REALLY need is something to keep my hands warm while I’m out running. But not just regular gloves or mittens. Once I’m warmed up, my hands warm up as well — so fingerless gloves seemed to be the way to go. I certainly have an overabundance of sock yarn to use up, so I went stash diving and found something suitable — a hank of Trekking Hand Art (75% superwash wool, 25% nylon) in various shades of green and purple (color #511, Trinidad). This was a gift from a knitting friend before I moved from PA to NH this past spring.

I used the Knotty gloves pattern by Julia Mueller for reference — just for the stitch counts, thumb gusset and dividing for the fingers. I didn’t do the long cuffs or cabling, and kept the fingers very short (that’s where “somewhat-fingerless” comes in).


Absolutely Necessary Somewhat-Fingerless Gloves

  • Pattern: Knotty Gloves by Julia Mueller (for some reference only as noted above)
  • Needles: US 1 (2.25mm), 5″ long Clover bamboo DPNs
  • Yarn: Zitron Trekking Hand Art, 511 Trinidad colorway
  • Notes: 2×2 ribbed wrist cuff, 1×1 ribbed finger & thumb ‘cuffs’, plain stockinette on palm and back of hand
  • Started 10/18/09, finished 10/24/09
  • Link to my Ravelry project page (login required)

fingerlessgloves3Gloves are really ridiculously easy to make. Easier than you would think. (Though working on small areas like the fingers can get tedious — but I don’t mind the fine detail work like that.) One thing I can say for sure, though, is that I prefer fingerless gloves with divided fingers, as opposed to mitts that just have a thumb hole and one opening for all four fingers. They stay put much better.

I still have quite a bit of the yarn leftover — I don’t think I even used half of it. Next up is a headband/earwarmer with a ponytail hole in the back, using the same yarn.

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