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Here’s how 2017 turned out:

  • 16 finished projects
  • 5 pairs of socks
  • 3 pairs of mittens
  • 3 scarves/cowls
  • 2 shawls
  • 1 baby blanket
  • 1 sweater
  • 1 hat
  • 1 poncho
  • 5 gifts knitted
  • 4 items knit for work
  • 2 new designs for work
  • 2 items knit with handspun
  • 2 spins of 4 oz. each completed (and knit into the 2 handspun projects listed above)

Finished since my last post were two pairs of socks, and a poncho I knit as a photography sample for work.

In order from most recently finished to earliest finished:

Also started in 2017, but not yet finished:

ZickZack Scarf using Queensland Uluru (solid) and Uluru Rainbow (self-striping) yarn. It’s much further along than it is in the photo above, I just haven’t taken another one recently. I haven’t yet decided if I’ll keep this or if it will be a gift.

Big Granny Square Sock Yarn Scrap Blankie using a variety of leftover sock yarns, many of which are the same yarns I’m using in my mitered-square sock yarn blankie. I started this after Interweave published a blog article on granny squares. As with my other sock yarn blanket, this is an ongoing project that will get done whenever.

Cabled Turtleneck Sweater using Knit One, Crochet Too Meadow Silk yarn. I picked up this yarn at the Keepsake Quilting/Patternworks tent sale this past June (along with several other sweater quantities of other yarns). I’m generally following the adult set-in sleeve sweater from The Knitter’s Handy Book of Sweater Patterns by Ann Budd. I will, however, make this seamless by working a three-needle bind-off on the shoulders, and picking up stitches around the armholes and knitting the sleeves downward toward the cuffs.

Fall Night Hiking Socks using Regia Design Line by Arne & Carlos sock yarn (in the Fall Night colorway). I finished a pair of socks and needed another pair for car knitting. However, all but the first three inches of this sock so far has been knit while walking on the treadmill. I’ll probably pick back up with knitting these in the car again soon, though. I also have a plane trip coming up shortly, and will probably take them along for that.

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Well, after QUITE a long blog silence, I can finally post about the gift knitting I’ve been doing since fall. A while back, my BFF Mela mentioned that she’d really like a pair of kneesocks. So, of course, that immediately went on my list of projects to make. I finally started them back in October (after having purchased the yarn way back around… July, I think) and finished them up mid-February (working on several other project simultaneously, as usual). As you can see below, they fit great and Mela just loves ’em!

Mela’s Kneesocks

  • Pattern: hybrid of WendyKnits toe-up socks with slip-stitch heel + calf increases from Knee Socks! by Diana Parrington
  • Needles: U.S. 0 (2.0mm), 40″ circular (2-at-a-time Magic Loop method)
  • Yarn: Schoeller+Stahl Fortissima Colori Socka Color 100, the oh-so-descriptive colorway #15
  • Started 10/14/09, finished 2/12/10
  • Link to my Ravelry project page (login required)

Then, in the midst of working on Mela’s socks, I received a request from my high school friend Scott (um, a friend from when I was in high school… he’s not in high school now… in fact, neither one of us is…) for several handknitted items: matching hat and fingerless gloves, and a pair of nice, warm socks. Knowing that dear Scotty is one to appreciate some great handknitted goodies, I was glad to oblige (and had the perfect yarns for all three in my stash).

Scottyproject #1: Jacques Cousteau Hat

  • Pattern: Jacques Cousteau Hat by Typy
  • Needles: U.S. 4 (3.5mm), 30″ circular (using Magic Loop technique)
  • Yarn: Fearless Fibers sportweight superwash merino, Marrakesh colorway (LOVE this stuff, so soft)
  • Started 11/1/09, finished 11/4/09 (VERY fast knit!)
  • Link to my Ravelry project page (login required)

Scottyproject #2: Gridiron Socks

  • Pattern: Gridiron by Anne Hanson
  • Needles: U.S. 1 (2.25mm), good old-fashioned double points, one sock at a time
  • Yarn: Araucania Ranco, colorway #308
  • Started 11/4/09, finished 12/5/09 (not too bad for men’s socks…)
  • Link to my Ravelry project page (login required)

Scottyproject #3: Knucks

  • Pattern: Knucks by Pamela Grossman (plain, no embroidery)
  • Needles: U.S. 4 (3.5mm), double points, worked 1 glove at a time
  • Yarn: Fearless Fibers sportweight superwash merino, Marrakesh colorway
  • Started 2/13/10, finished 2/17/10
  • Link to my Ravelry project page (login required)

And shortly after I began working on the Scottyprojects, my fitness friend Terri requested a pair of fingerless gloves to keep her hands warm in the office, while still allowing her to type. I took a photo of a couple different yarns for her to pick from, and she chose a self-striping pastel one with a pastel blue background.

Terri’s Fingerless Gloves

  • Pattern: based on Knotty Gloves by Julia Mueller (used stitch counts and instructions for thumb gusset/finger dividing)
  • Needles: U.S. 1.5 (2.5mm) 40″ circular (worked 2-at-a time up to dividing for fingers) and U.S. 1 (2.25mm) double points for fingers and thumbs
  • Yarn: ONline Supersocke Cotton Summer Color, colorway #1041
  • Started 2/18/10, finished 2/21/10
  • Link to my Ravelry project page (login required)

I also managed to crank out a hat and a pair of mittens for my nephew Billy, for Christmas. I used up the leftover yarn from Craig’s Transformers Hat.

Billy’s Hat & Mittens

  • Patterns: Improvised my own for the hat, and used Kathy’s Mittens by Chris de Longpré
  • Needles: U.S. 4 (3.5mm) for ribbing and U.S. 6 (4.0mm) for main portions of hat & mittens; converted mitten pattern to be worked in the round
  • Yarn: Knit Picks Swish Worsted, black & coast grey colorways
  • Mittens started 11/18/09, finished 11/19/09; hat started & finished 11/19/09 (another quickie knit!)
  • Links to my Ravelry project pages (login required): Mittens, Hat

While all this knitting was going on, I embarked on a large knitting project (which I’m still trying to finish…): a log cabin blanket for my parents. It was supposed to be a Christmas present, but I didn’t make that deadline, obviously.

Log Cabin Blanket in progress… details to come later.

Through all this, I’ve confirmed what I already knew… that I’m as much a process knitter as I am a product knitter. I truly enjoy just knitting, even if it’s not something I’m going to use myself. But still, I think for the next few projects, I’m going to stick to making stuff for myself. 😉 (Well, I do have one more thing planned to make for a friend in the next couple of months…)

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OK, so I only have three WIP at the moment… which is like nothing for many knitters, but for me it’s a lot. I’ve never had more than two WIP at a time.

The Anklets for Meeeee! are still hanging out in my knitting bag, getting a little attention for a pattern repeat or two each week on the second anklet.

I’m still plugging away on the first Summer 2008 Sock. I only started it on July 3, but it feels like I’ve been working on it for so much longer. I’m nearing the end of the first sock, though — I have 3.5″ done on the leg. I’d like to do about 5″-5.5″ before starting the ribbing. I hammered out a ton of knitting on this over the three-day weekend, but since I hit the leg it’s been going just a little bit slower. It’s the purl and lace rounds that suck up the time, for sure.

The third project I have going is one I can’t blog about yet — it’s Mom’s birthday present. I already hinted to her that she’s getting something knitted from me (duh) but she doesn’t know what it is. My LYS knitting buddies know what it is, though! (And if you’re on Ravelry, you can see it on my project page.)

I’ll need to get going on the knitted Christmas gifts soon, too, if I hope to have them all done in time. I can’t believe the year is halfway over already. Time flies when you’re knitting… a lot!

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