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So, now that our new niece, Cora, has arrived and the gifts have been given, I can share them with the rest of the world…

Cora’s Blanket & Sweater

  • Patterns: Cradle Me (blanket) and Inky Dinky (jacket) by Anne Hanson
  • Yarn: Plymouth Encore DK, color #233 (lavender)
  • Needles: U.S. 5 (3.75mm) & U.S. 6 (4.0mm) for Cradle Me; U.S. 3 (3.25mm) & U.S. 4 (3.5mm) for Inky Dinky
  • Cradle Me started February 9, finished April 6, 2011; Inky Dinky started April 7, finished April 19, 2011
  • Links to my Ravelry project pages: Cradle Me, Inky Dinky (login required)

Of course, any time there is a new baby arriving in the family, I’m going to be making something. Traditionally, I’ve made handwoven baby blankets. Unfortunately, I don’t have a space to set up my loom right now with all the remodeling going on in our house — it’s still folded up under a blanket in the unfinished dining room. So this time, I opted for knitting. These patterns by Anne Hanson feature a matching lace motif. The jacket pattern offers a wide range of sizes and also includes a matching hat, which I did not make. The blanket was a very easy knit — obviously, since there’s no construction, just a big square. And the jacket was surprisingly easy, too; it’s knit in one piece from the bottom up to the armpits, then the sleeves are knitted separately and joined to knit the yoke in the round.

Inky Dinky, a closer view

And a Mother’s Day gift…

Finishing things up seems to happen in threes. Here’s the third item — a scarf I started last fall which became a Mother’s Day gift for my Mom. It’s a circular scarf that can be worn as-is and longer, or doubled up as a cowl. Heck, you can even double it up and have half around your neck and the other half over your head if it’s cold. Mom doesn’t like things up close to her neck so much, so she’ll probably be wearing it long most of the time. This is my own design which was “homework” for work — it was included in a sheet of free patterns that Patternworks sent out with the purchase of certain limited-edition yarns (which are sold out now, unfortunately).

Circular Scarf for Mom

  • Pattern: my own unnamed design
  • Yarn: Fiesta Yarns Baby Boom, Surf colorway
  • Needles: U.S. 5 (3.75mm)
  • Started September 4, 2010; finished April 19, 2011
  • Link to my Ravelry project page (login required)


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So… that one thing I mentioned at the end of the last post, that I had planned to make for a friend? Done and delivered! If you read any of my posts last summer, you may have seen the Phun Phur Phanatic I made (ph)or my (ph)ormer boss, Chris. (Sorry, couldn’t resist the use of the ph…) At that time, I thought it was the only one I would make. But how could I not make one for dear Ann, my old friend from high school who is one of the most dedicated Phillies Phans I know? I was shooting for delivery in time for the first home game… who’d have ever thought the postal service would be so speedy as to deliver it in time for the first regular season game?! (Mailed Saturday, April 3 — the day before Easter, for crying out loud — and delivered Monday, April 5. Guess the postage increases might be worth it on rare occasions…) Without (ph)urther ado (sorry), here he is!

Phun Phur Phanatic Phor Ann (click to see photo larger)
(photos taken by a coworker who is actually a professional at this sort of thing!)

  • Pattern: Phun Phur Phanatic by Joan De Lurio
  • Needles: U.S. 8 (5mm), mostly used magic loop technique, but used double points for i-cord portions
  • Yarns: Lion Brand Suede & Fun Fur for body, Bernat Satin & Lion Fun Fur for unibrow and tail, Caron Simply Soft (white parts plus small amount of pink around eyes), Bernat Satin Sport (red parts except for legs), Plymouth Encore Worsted (legs) — all of the yarn except for the green fun fur and the Plymouth Encore were left over from the (ph)irst Phanatic
  • Additional finishing stuff: Doll shoes & safety frog eyes ordered from CR’s Crafts; used a piece of scrap wire to put a permanent curl in his tongue (hey, we’re remodeling, so it’s what was handy)
  • Started 3/18/10, finished 3/31/10
  • Link to my Ravelry project page (login required)

One thing that surprised me was that I ran out of red yarn after knitting one leg (all I needed the red yarn for at that point was the two legs). So I bought another ball of red yarn and started over with the legs, abandoning the one finished leg (since the yarns didn’t match exactly). I was so concerned about making sure I had enough of the suede yarn (not to worry, still had a little bit left over) I never expected that I’d run out of the red.

In other knitting news… I’m still working on that blanket for my parents, but I’m seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Gotta get it done fast now, before it gets too warm to have all that wool on my lap.

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beret1My favorite yarn shop owner, Kim (aka “Yarnmamom”), had a birthday this week. So of course that means a knitted gift for her, in mostly her favorite color, purple. Voila! The One-Day Beret (pattern by Kirsten Kapur of Through The Loops). Although it took more like 9 days for me… but not knitting on it every day, and I did have to rip some out and reknit.

Pattern: One-Day Beret by Kirsten Kapur (Ravelry pattern page here)

Time: Started 11/19/08, finished 11/28/08

Needles: US 10.5 bamboo DPNs & 16″ circular

Yarn: Elsebeth Lavold Silky Flammé (lavender — although it’s really darker than that), Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk Aran (25015 and 25020 — one is lavender and one is pink… but I forget which number is which)

Notes: I originally followed the directions for figuring the decreased number of stitches for the brim, but it came out waaaaay too big. So I ripped out nearly half of the hat and redid it from there to a lower number of stitches for the brim.

Kim’s had it rough lately since her son was in a bad car accident last month, so hopefully this cozy hat will help warm her heart as well as her head, and make her feel just a little more loved during this special birthday week.

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Sweet Sock Wars death. Click to embiggen.

Sweet Sock Wars death. Click to embiggen.

Remember way back, oh, 4-5 months ago when I was posting about Sock Wars III? You may also remember that it ended pretty early with a whole lot of sock warriors remaining to play, and many continued on (it’s still winding down, with the last 10 or so warriors alive and kicking… er, knitting). I chose not to continue playing, as did my assassin, Caitlin; however, she said she would still knit the pair of socks that were slated to “kill” me, but it would take a while due to her schedule (plus, she had to start over from scratch).

I had kind of put it out of mind most of the time since then, but every so often I would wonder how Caitlin was coming along on the socks (although I certainly would never dream of nagging her about it… I could wait patiently for however long it took her to knit them). Imagine my surprise when I returned home today after teaching a sock class, to find a package from Caitlin waiting for me in the mailbox! As soon as I got in the door, I had to open it. Let me tell you, these socks were so worth the wait. They’re gorgeous! I love the color(s), love the self-striping yarn (Schoeller + Stahl Sockina Cotton, colorway #5 — she thoughtfully included the label and some scrap yarn), love the chocolate bars and cantaloupe-scented soap, all in a beautiful gift box! (Why yes, I am wearing the socks right now… haven’t eaten the chocolate yet, saving that for after dinner.)

Death Socks modeled both in context (with a glimpse of fish tank) and on their own.

See, they’re just gorgeous. Don’t you agree? And best of all… a perfect fit!

Thanks, Caitlin — you rock!

In other news… I taught my first-ever knitting class today. A pair of baby/toddler socks, knit two at a time, toe-up on magic loop (pattern forthcoming). I think the class went well, although I’m sure I have plenty of room for improvement in my teaching. Only two students, both of whom I fortunately already know from hanging out at the yarn shop (or, “yarn bar” as my husband calls it). I did the cooking show trick and had another pair of socks already started and knit up to just before starting the heel — so I could be sure to have time to teach the heel technique in class. Even with something small like baby/toddler socks, it’s hard to get that far along in just 3 hours, with the teaching and chatting (especially when you’re knitting two at a time).

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Well, now that Mom’s birthday has passed and the present is no longer a surprise, here are the bloggy details!

  • Pattern: Gelato Bag (Fiber Trends AC-76 by Bev Galeskas)
  • Yarn: Cascade 220 (wool), colorway 2401 Burgundy, 1 skein (only a couple yards leftover) + Bollicine Etoile (mohair/acrylic), colorway 111, just a little more than one ball (only used 6 grams of the second ball)
  • Needles: Size US 11 Clover 16″ Circular (also Boye US 10.5 aluminum straights to hold stitches for 3-needle bind-off on handles… I later found my size US 11 aluminum straights in a UFO to be frogged)
  • Started: 7/6/08
  • Finished Knitting: 7/13/08
  • Felted: 7/30/08
  • All Finished: 8/2/08 (added clasp)
  • Clasp: Clover magnetic closure and copper-colored dragonfly button, bought at Yarns R Us, Hamburg PA
  • For those on Ravelry, project page is here

This was a really fast knit — even though it was a whole week from cast-on to bind-off, I didn’t work on it every day. In fact, I think there were at least 4 days or so where I didn’t touch it at all, and there were some days where I only did a couple of rows. The bulk of the knitting was done on the first and last days. It’s also an extremely easy project to make!

The photo on the right shows the bag before felting. The photo below shows the bag after felting, while it was drying. (Click on the photos to see a larger version.) It shrank a little more in height than width. After felting, the purse measured about 12″ across (when flattened), and about 9″ from the center bottom to the opening on top. So, it ended up roughly 75% of its pre-felted size.

I probably could have felted it a little more, but any smaller and it wouldn’t really work for Mom. As it is, I don’t think it will be a daily-use purse for her, since she tends to have a heavy purse full of all kinds of stuff. But I think she’ll still appreciate it and use it at least occasionally.

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