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(Well, I had what I thought was a really great post nearly finished except for images… and then it disappeared. I don’t have the energy to recreate it in all its glory, so you get this less spectacular abbreviated version.)

After more than a year of sourcing materials for beadwork kits (among other craft kits), I’ve succumbed to the lure of beadweaving. I was first inspired by this article on prismatic right-angle weave (PRAW), and bought some assorted supplies (seed beads, thread, needles, and assorted findings) at Michael’s in late May of 2017. Those supplies sat around for more than a year before I decided to do anything with them.

First, I made a simple 5-wall PRAW rope bracelet. It turned out too small for me, but it fits my best friend perfectly, so it’s hers now. The only thing I wasn’t happy with was my thread choice – a dark thread would have been better.


5-wall PRAW rope bracelet with bronze and rose gold seed beads and antique gold clasp. White thread was not the best choice here.

Next, I made a couple more 5-wall PRAW rope bracelets, which aren’t pictured here since they’re gifts that haven’t been given yet.

I then moved on to flat right-angle weave (RAW) for another bracelet. This one is now with my friend Cyn.


Flat RAW bracelet in dark brown and dark grey faceted beads with antique silver extension clasp.

For my friend Tina’s bracelet, I got a little more creative and stitched three 3-wall PRAW ropes, which I attached to a three-strand extension clasp.


Red, silver, and hematite seed beads in 3 strands of 3-wall PRAW with an antique silver extension clasp.

I then used up most of my remaining beads from the May 2017 purchase to stitch a 5-wall PRAW rope necklace for myself (not pictured). I just kept going until I ran out of one of the colors.

On another trip to Michael’s last weekend, I picked up a bunch more colors of Toho seed beads, as well as some strung beads (at 50% off!) and some antique brass and copper clasps.

Inspired by Jann Christiansen’s That’s a Wrap bracelet from the February/March 2017 issue of Beadwork, I stitched a RAW base in matte brown (sort of antique brass colored) seed beads, which I then embellished with 4mm jasper rounds. I didn’t have Japanese drop beads for the edges, so I filled in at the corners between the squares with matte cranberry seed beads. It looked like it still needed something, so I added RAW picots in the same matte cranberry color.


Top: 4mm green unakite rounds in a flat RAW base embellished with rose gold seed beads and finished with a copper toggle clasp. Middle: matte brown/antique brass seed beads in a flat RAW base embellished with 4mm jasper rounds and matte cranberry seed beads, finished with an antique brass lobster clasp. Bottom: 5-wall PRAW rope bracelet in silver, rose gold, and hematite seed beads, finished with a silver toggle clasp.

The next day, I tried to mimic Kim West’s Quilted Pearls bracelet from the same issue of Beadwork, but without the O-beads it just wasn’t working. So I improvised and added pairs of rose gold seed beads between the 4mm green unakite rounds along the edges and in the center of each RAW unit. I finished each end with a Y-shaped piece to which I attached the clasp.

I also whipped out a quick 5-wall PRAW rope bracelet in silver, rose gold, and hematite seed beads.

My goal is to become as comfortable modifying and improvising in beadwork as I am in my knitting, and I think these projects are a step in that direction.

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